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  • Chamber Bucks

    What are Chamber Bucks?

    The Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide a Chamber Bucks Program to their Chamber Members. The service is free with their membership benefits package and signing up for participation is as easy as a phone call.

    Chamber Bucks are sold each year; they entice people into your business and are a great gift idea for family and friends who live in or around Paw Paw and surrounding areas. Additionally, they help to keep our local economy more vibrant.

    Benefiting Your Company...

    Why not spend the same amount of money for holiday bonuses and gifts to employees on Chamber Bucks? The fear of choosing an inappropriate gift will be replaced with the comforting thought that your employees can now choose from Chamber member businesses to spend their gift. And by honoring Chamber Bucks, your organization will gain valuable, and most importantly, FREE advertising.

    Benefiting Your Employees

    Employees can spend Chamber Bucks at local businesses. Here are a few examples of the types of goods and services for which they can be redeemed: Local Retailers, local restaurants, groceries, movies, pet supplies, and much more!

    Benefiting our Local Economy

    What better way to stimulate our local economy than keeping the money where it belongs—in the community in which we live! Dollars will be funneled back into our economy.

    How Chamber Bucks Work

    They work like a gift certificate where people purchase but then can spend at many different businesses around town. You accept them and then the chamber reimburses you 95%. The chamber keeps 5% to cover expenses and hopefully to make a little money to do more marketing for our members!

    Certificate holder must spend full face value of the Buck; unused portion may not be redeemed for cash. Chamber bucks are good for up to one year after date of issue.


    Chamber Bucks may be purchased at the Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce:
    206 E. Michigan Avenue, Paw Paw, MI 49045. Your order may be called in at 269-657-5395 or e-mail  pawpawareachamber@gmail.com

    If you are a member business, and not listed on our Bucks, and are interested in being able to redeem our Chamber Bucks, please contact the Chamber Office.

    If you are not a member business, and would like to be able to redeem our Chamber Bucks, please look into a becoming a member Paw Paw Area Chamber Commerce.

    Remember to thank customers redeeming Chamber Bucks for shopping locally. The Chamber will continue its efforts to grow the Chamber Bucks program. With your help, and the support of other community-minded members, we will grow our community.

    For any other information please contact:
    April Garcia
    Chamber Coordinator
    Phone: 269-657-5395