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    "The forum hosts apologize for the unintentional error of assigning a political party to the candidates for 7th District Judge on their name slides during the forum. We recognize and understand that this is a non-partisan race and these candidates are running with no party affiliation. We missed this error during proofreading and sincerely apology for any  confusion this clerical oversight may have caused"

    On a Positive note, We were thrilled overall with how the event turned out and would like to express huge thanks to the candidates and the citizens who attended. It was a particular joy to see many of our area high school students in attendance and actively participating in our local political process. We were able to ask the candidates several questions that were submitted by students, so they got to see their participation in action. I have been told that a forum if this nature has never been held in Paw Paw, so we are thrilled to have been able to host two of them this year. We believe this event and others like it, will greatly benefit our community and encourage more responsible citizenship, so we are committed to it's continued improvement in the future.

    Jason Bull

    Pastor, Freshwater Community Church

    Treasurer, Paw Paw Area Chamber of Commerce

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  •   Paw Paw Days Classic Car & Truck Show

    Event date  for next year will be July 21, 22, 2017